September 15, 2011

*Weekly Tip*

 Use it!
When I found my beautifully bleached, New Zealand, lamb's wool,  I put it on the back of my leather couch. After admiring it's beauty I warned everyone in my family not to touch it, or else! Pretty soon I found my self stressing when the kids would play by it. After all, it could get dirty. With time my resolve wore thin and my daughter Layla started using it on the floor for tea parties, reading to her stuffed animals and  falling asleep on while waiting for her mother to shut down the computer.
Now, I love seeing her use it. Life is more at ease when we put less worth on our possessions.
Start making everything in your home used and enjoyed! ~Meg


Amy Shaw said...

You have inspirted me to stop protecting things to "keep them from getting ruined." What a waste if things are just for show. I am going to start enjoying, and letting my kids enjoy. I love your style!

MegTorman said...

Amy, Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments and your time spent on my blog. ~Meg