November 22, 2011

November 11, 2011

New Sale Items

New sale items listed! Plus tons of clearance. This beautiful cabinet hutch only $200. Click on SALE ITEMS and see what is new. ~Meg

November 9, 2011


When thinking of Thanksgiving we are reminded of that grand autumn harvest with the Pilgrims and Indians.
                Our Homes should feel as warm and welcoming as that first Thanksgiving in 1621.
                               Use warm colors and and bring some of the outdoors inside.
          Table center pieces are perhaps the best Thanksgiving decoration you can do for your home. 
                      Use anything that speaks of richness and warmth, like candles and gourds.
                   Find things in nature to dress up your home like this vase of richly colored weeds.
                                 And if you have a chandelier, dress it up for added appeal.
           Display furniture that looks as if it could have been from that time period and remember homemade things such as quilts will add to the feels of this wonderful season.
     And last but not least, Harvest Wreaths speak volumes about your Thanksgiving decor.  

November 1, 2011

Tip of the Week -Area Rugs

When using area rugs I have some simple tips to help you get the right look!
First, make sure you have a large enough rug to fit the furniture you are planning on using. Second, when placing your furniture upon your area rug, pretend the rug is an island.  As seen in this picture, none of the furniture lies half on or half off the area rug. Instead it all fits comfortably on the "island". Area rugs are great for creating a defined space in any room.
Lastly, when choosing your area or accent rug, never let it dominate the rest of the room. The colors and patterns should simply add to your room instead of becoming the focal point. ~Meg