July 8, 2012

All Things Beautiful

     There is no reason that functional things have to look like an eye sore. Take this cat kennel: it keeps our cat dry and warm, but I am constantly hiding it when it's not in use or tucking it away behind our grill so it is less noticeable.
That's when it hit me, why shouldn't all things be beautiful? So my cute son Will helped me out with my "cat house" inspiration and we created something we like to look at with colors and materials that represent our style and taste.
The cats seem to love it too!


Nancy said...

That's so awesome! Did you build the whole thing or convert something. I love it.

Meg Designing said...

Thanks Nanc! Willy and I did it all from scratch out of old materials we could find. The inside is even insulated with carpet on ceilings, walls and floor with left over scraps from when we had our carpet done. Will picked out the green too. At first I was hesitant but then I loved it! ~Meg

Perla said...

Wow, Meg! That is so cute! You're amazing!!!

Meg Designing said...

Thanks Shan, Will was so so cute helping build this. Suprisingly he really was a huge help and thought of way to do things I didn't. He would tell me it was from scouts. Cute boy!