March 21, 2012


Entryways are very important when it comes to decorating. It is the first place people notice upon entering your home.
Let it boast the colors and things you love without overwhelming the onlooker.
Another great use for your entryway is to boast your holiday spirit. Even if your holiday decorations go no where else, you can feel festive with one spot in your home dedicated to the season.

My Halloween entryway 2011
Halloween 2013
My Christmas entryway 2011

*Weekly Tip*

As you think about decorating a room first choose needed items for the room. Example:
In a bathroom towels are needed so display them in a wine rack or basket.
Toilet paper is also a must have in that room, so try displaying it baskets.
Think of any other items that may add convenience to the room. I chose this full length mirror since I often dress in the bathroom. And last add any thing that makes the room you. Since wreaths are among my favorite decorative items I threw one on the wall to finish with! ~Meg