2015 Christmas- Simply add pine boughs, logs and anything that shimmers!

                                                         My 2011 Rustic Christmas:
This Christmas was by far the most inexpensive one yet. I bought two tree tags from National Forest at $5 each. One served for our Christmas tree and the other used for it's branches that went everywhere! Mix with logs, pine cones, grape vines and you have my rustic Christmas.

Christmas starts just outside your front door. Guests feel a sense of excitement and festiveness upon arrival!
                                      Then Dazzle them the moment they walk in the door!

Christmas decorations take on many different styles. The fun part is finding the ones that appeal to you!
Sophisticated Christmas

                                                           Old Fashion Christmas

                 Christmas decorating made easy: Take any furniture item and add fresh cut pine,
                                                    aspen logs and anything that shines!