Vintage End Table
 Start Here:
1- Remove hardware and sand off the finish of your wood peice. It doesn't need to be perfect just rid your item of the shiny finish to allow your paint to stick.
2- Paint your item the desired color.
3-Place scotch tape on table once it has dried using a right angle.
4-Measure the width of tape on the angle. In other words measure the tip of the diagonal to the bottom where the new color tip would start.
5- Once tap is on paint contrast color. When paint is mostly dry peel away the tape.
6- Once all the paint has dried, fasten any hardware that has been removed back into place.
7-Start sanding corners edges and any place you desire a weathered look.
8- Apply MinWax Polyshade Blend. This will contain your stain and your lacquer finish in one step. Use a rag to apply liberally to all of the item. wiping away any excess for the desired finish.
At this point your item will take about 24hrs to dry completely and then be ready to use!

                                                               Antique Hutch
1- Sand (If you don't have a hand sander, Harbor Freight carries them for under $20).  Simply sand most of the pre-existing lacquer or "sheen" on them. Don't worry about grooves. This does not need to be perfect, it just needs to make the surface more adhesive.

 2- Paint: Use a paint with primer in it. This will make it adhere better to your wood, cover up darker coloring of wood or previous paint and eliminates the  primer step.

*Note: when picking your color go slightly lighter and brighter than what you want the finished product to be, because step 3 will mute and darken your color.

3- After paint completely dries apply antique glaze with a brush to cracks and grooves. Using a potato cloth (white thin dish drying clothes) to wipe away excess glaze leaving cracks and grooves saturated. After, if you desire a more antiqued shade wipe the flat surfaces evenly with the used, glazed potato cloth.
*Note if you desire a more worn look, sand edges, corners and random surfaces before applying glaze.
4- Apply a polyurethane to dry finished item, for durability. Let dry and your done.

*For added character try removing glass or wood in cupboard doors and replacing it with chicken wire, hammered tin or any other desired material, by simply using a staple gun to fasten it to the inside of your cupboard!