Kitchen Makeovers

This kitchen needed to be done on a tight budget.
So instead of paying a ton for all new cabinets I painted the existing ones for a fresh clean look and spent the rest of the budget on needed flooring and appliances.
 Tips for painting cabinets: Start with paint a shade lighter or brighter than your desired finished look. Rough up cupboards with a hand sand to remove most of the pre existing lacquer. Paint. After paint dries, cover with a sturdy polyurethane or lacquer to prevent the paint from scraping off.
For an antique look like I have done with these cupboards apply a antiquing glaze after paint has dried and wipe off residue leaving glaze gathered in the cracks and corners. Then apply your polyurethane or lacquer after glaze has had time to dry.

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Becca said...

I have seen these grey/green cupboards firsthand and they look AWESOME. So much cleaner and inviting than the original oak look. I love it, Meg!